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Are You Drowning in the Bottle? Give Up Alcohol Today!

How often do you party in a month? Do you enjoy having binge drinking sessions even though they make you sick? Do you seem to crave alcohol at odd times of the day or store bottles in hidden corners of your room or office?  Our Addiction Rehab can help you make an informed decision by providing reliable information and useful advice on addiction.

Alcoholism – The New Epidemic Affecting Riverside and California

Alcohol dependence is a serious issue that affects Riverside residents in many ways – personally, professionally and mentally. At the root of alcoholism is underage drinking.

  • It is estimated that almost 3/4th of the teenage population in California has tried alcohol before finishing high school. Almost 1/4th reported trying alcohol at the young age of 12.
  • Despite the legal drinking age being set at a modest 21 years, teenagers continue to experiment with alcohol and often consume unsafe quantities. Over 1.4 million are currently at risk of overdose or alcohol poisoning owing to frequent binge drinking sessions.
  • With over 700-800 deaths caused by drunk driving each year, almost 100 deaths are caused by drunk drivers under the age of 21.

Get in touch with us to better understand how alcoholism disrupts life and get assistance understanding if you or a loved one needs to check into a addiction treatment program.

Detoxification for a Cleaner Lifestyle – What Goes Into this Process?

If you have decided to take the first step to an alcohol-free life, you need a thorough detoxification. This medical process removes all the toxins and alcohol content from your bloodstream, giving you a second chance to live healthy. Riverside residents can get treatment at various facilities that combine medical attention with psychological counseling. This ensures that you enjoy a quick recovery with a positive attitude for lasting results.  Our Addiction Rehab can provide resources and advice on the various detox programs.

Make the Right Intervention Choices with Assistance from Our Addiction Rehab

Do you have a friend, co-worker or a family member struggling with alcohol dependence? Do not waste any more time and call  Our Addiction Rehab immediately. Discuss your current situation and finances with us and we will help you figure out the best way to provide care for your loved one and arrange an intervention if necessary. You can choose not to give away your identity and we will not judge you based on this or any other information you provide us.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment for an Alcohol-Free Future

The advisers at  Our Addiction Rehab will tell you that there are a number of alcohol addiction treatment programs to suit your lifestyle and budget. While providing the best care to help you manage withdrawal symptoms, the programs also foster a positive and focused approach to the treatment. Through regular counseling sessions, the providers ensure that you maintain a proactive role in your recovery.

In our one-on-one interactions, we can tell you everything you need to or want to know about detoxification, intervention and treatment. Our services are highly personalized and extremely professional.

Are you a Riverside resident seeking help for alcohol dependence?  Our Addiction Rehab provides comprehensive and all-inclusive alcohol addiction treatment advice. Contact our professionals for more information.